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    Social Media Optimization

    Today social media is exactly everywhere and everyone can benefit from this forthcoming trend. Whether you’re socializing on Facebook, updating Twitter, or just adding a bookmark to any social bookmarking site, social media has turn into an essential part of our daily lives. Social media mainly comprises of internet-based applications that is build on ideological and technological foundations of Web 3.0. The USP of social media is collaborative interaction which can help all the consumers as well as the suppliers, may it be of any kind.

    Social Media can be used as a great communication tool & an advertising platform to convey key results. Given the buzz of Social Media today, since this mode attracts a wider reach, it encompasses all methods of business communications & hence has become a rising necessity.

    While SEO helps in increasing the visibility of a webpage or website, Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an alternative way for generating genuine traffic on the webpage or website. It is done through social Medias such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Delicious and many such other popular online community websites and communities. In the time of Twitter and Facebook, the need of the hour is for businesses to gain more and more recognition by making their presence felt on the social media platform. Social Media Optimization (SMO) has proved to be more effective in attracting traffic to the website as compared to Social Engine Optimization (SEO). However SMO cannot replace SEO completely as the latter has its own advantages of driving genuine traffic from search engines.

    Why SMO from WNI Technologies

    A team of experienced and proficient employees are available at WNI Technologies who are dedicated towards their work. The motto of WNI Technologies is to focus on customer growth as their growth will lead to company’s growth. An extensive cliental database, having solid presence in social media, is available with WNI Technologies. This has resulted in compilation of strong database over a period of time. SEO targets see an increase with the help of SMO is a proven fact. High ranking in search engines is a possibility with SMO as they perfectly tune social media profiles. The importance of social media optimization is on the increase for search engine optimization. Recommendations of the users of social networking sites such as Google+, Twitter, Delicious, Facebook etc are being increasingly utilized by the search engines for ranking pages in the search engine result pages.

    Benefits of Social Media Optimization

    • More Business Exposure
    • Increased Sales
    • Increases visibility in Search Engine Rankings
    • Reduces Marketing Expenses
    • Increased the Traffic of your website
    • Real Time Customer Satisfaction

    Social media is becoming an essential part of the marketing mix for many businesses and one of the best ways to reach customers and clients.

    Contact WNI Technologies today for your Social Media Optimization (SMO) needs.

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