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    How much will it cost to make a static website in India? A Complete Overview

    Everyone who wishes to build a business website must know about all available website building options, business needs, andwebsite development costs. You can carefully choose website components and features that you want to integrate into your business website to optimize the development cost. Once you know what you want in your business website, it becomes easy to determine the cost for making a website in India.

    Well, the website development cost depends on the scale and size of your business and what kind of website you are looking to build. Basically, you have to choose between a dynamic website and a static website to bring your business online.

    A dynamic website comes with more functionality and features, but the development cost will be higher because it requires more web programming, database design, and expensive hosting servers. When you own a small business, it is always a good idea to prefer a static website design at a much lower cost for your business.

    Why should you build a static business website?

    When you run a small scale business with specific services and audience, building a static website is the best option. It is quick and easy to develop as you will need to design a few static web pages to display your services and business information. The development cost of a static website in India is much lower than building a dynamic website.

    Static websites are the most basic type of website that contains web pages with fixed content coded in simple HTML. You don’t need any web programming or database design to create a static site for our business. You can create HTML pages easily to store on hosting servers to display the same content in a web browser for every visitor.

    Key advantages of building a static website

    • Quicker and cheaper options for website development
    • Easy to develop a responsive design with faster load time
    • Easier website optimization for search engine indexing
    • Less vulnerable to online attacks without a database
    • Less expensive to host and maintain

    Static Website Development Cost in India

    Now, we know that developing a static website is the best option to bring your small business online at a much lower cost. But the question here is – what is the static website design price in India? To know the answer to this question, we have to know about the factors that affect the static website development and maintenance cost.

    Factors Affecting the Static Website price in India

    • Number of Web Pages
    • Content on Web Pages
    • Responsive Design
    • Domain Cost
    • Hosting Server Cost
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    • Social Media Integration

    These are the most common factors and components that decide how much a web development company will charge for a static website. The total price includes design, development, as well as maintenance cost for running your website. Let’s talk about these factors in detail.

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